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Mind Control made simple

There is much information on mind control now on the Internet, but what also is occurring as this hidden truth is being revealed ?   It is being explained in many different ways , using many different terminology ;that serves to disperse and scatter the knowledge in many directions ;leaving those whom are interested to learn and eventually becoming confused. Terms like DID, and MK's and MC's, multiples etc, leave the reader unsure as to what is the difference.

Mind control also is being used as a term to explain what is going on generally to gain control over the public, but also used to talk of another form of mind control, much more sinister, that the public will find hard to comprehend. Multiple uses of words and definitions is causing confusion for the readers and those trying to articulate what they are wishing to express.

Even myself  ,here am stuck with .Not quite clear quite clear what words I should use for a title of this writing. Within the world of trauma based mind control there is further division of what is the 'truth'.many splits occur in articulating pertinent aspects like ; are there demons used or are they just 'demon' alters. Resultingly people can become very confused as most are trusting their judgements of writers they have never ever met.

Over the last few years I have gained much insight into mind control and want to address this enormous topic . But feel first I need to help the readers understand the definitions and concepts better so they will comprehend what i write without confusion. Also be enabled to understand and objectively contemplate others writings. I therefore will try to explain this aspect as simple as possible.

Mind control

What is mind control , I would say it is the manipulation of a mind to gain control over the thoughts and actions of another.

There are forms of mind control that all people are influenced by . We are educated via TV,songs , schooling,books and Internet etc.teaching us how to perceive the world , in the way designed and created by the powers that be. The constructs and concepts we are provided with steer our thoughts to their desired goals and often away from the truth. As a result of social conditioning people agree with what is taught to them, and anyone going against it come up against another set of social rules ,constructs using ridicule , humiliation and isolation for to mold the individuals , to keep all enslaved to the concepts held by the majority.

I am not going to spend much time talking about this kind of mind control but need to recognise it and that all are indoctrinated with it. The area of mind control I wish to address is' trauma based mind control'. a hidden evil form of mind control that is now , after thousands of years being revealed to the public, albeit in many ways ;some with mis information included, which i believe is to disperse the true knowledge ;leaving those wanting to understand confused. Not knowing what is what. who to believe and consequently left feeling fearful and helpless to address it; as that becomes more obvious that this is going on.

In studying this topic I have come to the realisation that mind control has gone on since the beginning of time, but the knowledge of it workings and existence has even kept secret, within secret groups , that is not just the Illuminati , Freemasons etc , these groups have only in recent years been brought to the general publics awareness and some people hungrily learn all they can of them.

No I'm also including occult teachings from all over the world , that is voo-doo, satanic cults, Obiah, Ju-ju and others. All these groups in a sense I believe are using natural laws to try and gain control of others and their world. To create a mind control slave there is a natural occurrence that is if you traumatise an individual in extreme they will separate off from the experience in some way to survive. This separation phenomenon is what these groups use to create a mind control slave. By using other aspects of this natural defense occurrence they can access the created separate part of the person and control them as a slave , without consent or knowledge.

Not all individuals react to trauma by separation;disassociation. Those that don't die. due to the extreme nature of the trauma used to create slaves.
but the disposition to disassociate is somewhat genetically passed on from generation to generation as a learnt coping strategy . Consequently a large percentage of mind control slaves come from generational bloodlines , whom have gone through the same sorts of trauma and enslavement themselves. 

This inhuman way of raising a child is considered by the family as a necessary part of life like a religion it has teachings and philosophy's to justify it.

Today people are being introduced to the ideas that it is happening, via music and films. and other medias. Most music videos have symbolic images ,telling those whom can see what is going on. The lyrics to the songs often have double meanings and the modern films do also.

People are starting to question what is happening .Where they once were lead to believe the world to work as 'A' , they now see 'B' , if they look . But the truth is 'C' . Most people are still viewing the world as 'A' and few as 'B' . A great example of this is the film the 'Matrix', Most people see it as 'A' a science fiction film. Those seeking to find the truth see it as 'B' , aware that what we are shown is an illusion . But the truth is 'C' .
In the film Neoanyanyanyany pill , but run away from the slave handlers as fast as he can.

I am going to try and show you 'C', by teaching you clarity of 'B' . for the truth is coming out but entangled with disinformation, their intention is so you will be left confused; not knowing what to believe consequently fearful and therefore easier to control.

Most info you will find will refer to MK Ultra . People are starting to refer to those whom have been through this programming as MK's , but this is the first point of confusion I want to address.

MK Ultra refers to the research done mainly in America to perfect creation of undetectable mind control slaves.
By traumatising a child to create disassociative alters , to create mind controllable slaves, without consent or knowledge. Initially this scientific research was carried out in Nazi war camps, and possibly was the true reason for the war; to gain access to multiple people to carry out inhuman research on. As I said earlier this creating a mind control slave started at the beginning of time, but the Nazi' camps gave the opportunity to study the phenomenon scientifically and perfect it. After the war the scientists involved were brought over to America to continue their research. So this is nothing new, just new to the general public; and that includes those enslaved without knowledge or consent.

I will join the dots here. MK = mind kontrol in German. MK Ultra was the name of the research project funded by the CIA. The scientists transported from Germany to America after the war were brought over with funds from CIA ; operation paperclip. Marl Philips partner to Cathy O'Brien , one of the most well known slaves  assisted this operation, but he claims he was unaware of its purpose.

The splitting of the mind is done very early on in life, an unborn baby is traumatised even in the womb , to cause it to disassociate. when you realise that all members of a family from generation to generation goes through this horrific life path and that this has happened from the beginning of time , you then can start to see the scale of how many people have separate disassociative alters. The steering of the public to look at MK's and trace it back to Nazi Germany , reduces the recognition of the scale of this occurrence enormously; thus distorting the views of the awakening public. 'B' is seen as MK Ultra victims, whilst 'C' is all the members of the family . Eg if you can recognise someone like Byonce is MK Ultra trained /programmed then you need to recognise her whole family have been through the trauma to split their minds from babyhood.

The MK Ultra slaves are selected from generation abuse families . A member is trained /programmed as the CIA desire. The entertainment aspect is a front for more sinisterly trained alters . The traumatising to create mind splitting does not just result in creating one alter but many, as many as they desire. They can also split alters to create more of a similar type if they wish.

I refer to those  whom are raised within these types of families as MC's, that is they are mind controlled. but recent terminology is evolving to muddle them by referring to them as MK's . I want you to know MK's are just a section programmed by CIA , but there are millions not trained by CIA , but can be utilised as slaves just the same.

Not all that go through MK programming do so in research centres etc. many are raised in the community and programmed by 'care givers' and 'family' , via instructions from MK Ultra programmers.

Those who control the slaves are referred to as handlers and some handlers also are unaware that they are doing so cos they are mind controlled slaves too.

all memory of any of these aspects of the slaves life is removed via torture or tazer. families tend to use torture , so the slave splits off from what is happening. CIA uses tazers , probably because its quicker.

The alters can be created to order , sex slave, assassins, deaf, blind, mute. They may speak many languages , astral project , have super athletic skills, basically the choice is endless. They have memory stores of data , can work like recordable tape machines passing messages around the globe and if entertainers have good excuse for globe trotting.

To address this topic is enormous so I will give this now and add to it as and when. Any clarification on what I say please request in comment box below and I will attempt to address. Thank you for reading.

MPD = Multiple personality disorder ; a medical term given to individuals with more than one personality. A medical term given to individuals with more than one personality/alter. This name has in recent times been changed to D.I.D. = Dissociative identity disorder.. Many people don't have multiple personalities , but dissociate from their core personality and so the term has changed but refers to the same phenomenon. The 'disorder' is the the key word here for disorder indicates it is problematic, but for many MC's there is no visible problem. It is only when it makes the individuals life problematic that this diagnosis would be given. Some individuals may have more than one alter , can have many.,but not problematic.

With regards to Mc's they can either have a disorder or not. as to why some people do is unclear to me at present.

the medical profession uses these labels that is, MPD and DID and most steer clear of talking of MC's. In England the medical profession is even hard pushed to acknowledge DID exists.

In truth they are much of the same thing , for it is the trauma that causes an individual to split off into a disassociated state, although not all who are traumatised to this level have their resulting alter programmed. to be utilised in anyway.

Generational abusive families will program the alters created somewhat, but the CIA via programming developed by MK Ultra will take selected individuals from families to program for their ends.

As I've said before they can make as many alters as they like by shattering alters further. but each time they do this i believe the alters are weaker . I believe the CIA will have access to the best alters, eg the earliest created alters , and they 'belong' to the CIA . The 'family will not know how to access these alters; because each alter has 'keys' and the family would not be given the 'keys' .

The alters become like time share apartments , can be sold or purchased . Each 'timeshare' owner can have their own alter , but obviously the slaves have only one body , so can only serve one master at a time. but still can serve many in the course of a day.

For many MC slaves when they go to sleep they awaken in another alter to work for another agenda., unaware they return to sleep and awake feeling very tired, feeling as if they haven't slept. So can experience life like they always tired but don't know why.

sleep deprivation is also a major tool for controlling slaves , cos it renders the slave more controllable. Prior to times of programing slaves are sleep deprived. along with food and drink deprivation. This maximises their programmability. So many slaves are very skinny especially if having lots of programming. They may be starved and dehydrated and sleep deprived for days on end.

They are trained very young to not request food or drink , and tortured to stay awake in various ways.

These early programmings i believe what play a part in sleep depriving the slave in adult life, without their knowledge. , MC's will just know they don't sleep well. You can see today many people experience sleep deprivation, but don't know why. Some blame it on ELF, too much of this or that. taking sleeping tablets etc. But it may be they have an old programming kicking in, because they are moving away from family or group etc.

Some people say , 'but we all got many personalities, so we all multiples in a way.'. Yes that is true we do all have different personalities in different settings. Eg work mode, playful mode , we  act different in different situations. The difference being non MC's may remember where they been , what they have seen, and what they did, everything. But for MC's time is missing , they may not remember going to bed, but wake up in bed.  .Or may not experience missing time, black outs , because may just switch alters when asleep, so wake up tired.

For MC's they will have walls between one alter and another. They are called amnesic barriers. Keeping each alter separate ;not knowing what others have done. separated from their core knowledge. A non- MC does not have walls stopping them knowing what they do at any time.

Many MC's are sleepers, they do not switch , but do have alters that can be utilised, by those whom know how to access them , eg the passwords or triggers . otherwise their alters stay dormant till such times.

Switching alters occurs with triggers, keys . These are things that have been associated with the alter during programming. Most programming is based on classical conditioning. Something like a hand gesture or words are given whilst the slave experiences trauma , then at a later date the words or gestures associated with the trauma will trigger the emotional experienced during the trauma without the trauma present. Basic classical conditioning.

Many people are being gang stalked but don't understand what it is about , often they see people giving hand signals , or doing certain things and it don't make sense.

Gang stalking made useful

I have outlined elsewhere my experience of gang stalking and I questioned throughout ; how come they wasn't doing the same things to me? It was clear that the powers that be wanted to get in my way , but never did they do the same antics to me, like everyone giving a certain type of cough everywhere i went, didn't happen. I used to think a lot about why don't they, why do they do it to the mother but never to me? It didn't make sense. None of the strange silly behaviour made sense. What did they want to happen?  I was puzzled for many years , I didn't have Internet , lived in a village type area. So it had a little library; not much info there.

Eventually we moved and bought a computer in 2007. I found on YouTube people talking about gang stalking. I saw they tried to express their experiences via video , but many viewers ridiculed them. Yet because I had indirectly experienced it, I knew what they were trying to convey. But on its own it cant be exposed, because so what if a car goes by or someone coughs? By expressing the experience one looks paranoid. Many friends I tried to explain to  would look questioning at me. Knowing me for many years and valuing my judgement, it left them uncomfortable. They knew I wasn't prone to paranoia or fantasy, I am very logical. and search for facts.

But what makes one aware that gang stalking is real/and not fantasy is that , these normal antic eg coughing were happening more than they would normally occur. They were happening everywhere we went. In nearly  every shop, whilst passing many people in the street displaying antic.Everyone doing the same. then all change another day , and another antic. eg sniff a certain way. So one becomes over sensitised to normal things. Consequently even after they stop antic coughing and sneezing go on. public naturally, but now are associated with the gang stalking.

So finding others who were experiencing and trying to express the same phenomenon was helpful . previously I didn't know of anyone else ;in the world  under this organised harassment. and was puzzled how could it be. it must cost ££££££££££££££££.. But yes another name for it is 'organised stalking', 'white gloving', 'cause stalking'. I learnt it was some connection with Freemasonry. There was even books on it and explanations of some of the gestures..

Knowledge is power and so just knowing what is, was a great help

Earlier to this in 2006 I came across a book by David Icke  I read all they had in the library on para normal etc. Which wasn't much. , cos in village. within the book he spoke of mind control. and Cathy O'Brien.

Our world was very peculiar and so i searched all around for concepts to try and understand what was happening. Mind control looked like it could make some sense of my world. Aspects that David Icke spoke of were fitting with what we were experiencing.

I wrote to him of our case, but got no response.

I made contact with a friend and ask she got me Cathy O'Briens book of Internet, as couldn't find in library nor in large book shops in central London. She ordered both her books , I read the and wrote to Cathy,, as much of the book made sense. I asked Cathy for advise , she gave what she could. But I have since lost contact with her.

Though reading her books I made sense of reality. I was able to gain understanding of deprogramming.Things started to make sense. The strange ways of the child made sense.. The  cover up by the authorities made sense. Phew ! just having some basic understanding helped all of us. For not comprehending was the hardest aspect.

I went on line when we moved 2007 , started blogging at myspace under name
Omega Free       ,  
met other people to speak to. Blogged my case.

Also found a site Black vault had a section on mind control. At that time there was not much on the net, regarding mind control. so this thread was helpful too. Other MC's spoke on there and via them I gained more insight.

Eventually deprogramming became a possible thing to do, but the process is very hard to face for programming  is done via pure trauma. With regards to gang stalking we found that the gestures used were programed trauma triggers previously associated during programming. So by deprogramming each trigger they came with the traumas associated with were brought to surface memory. Once recalled they no longer have the effect. They become desensitised. It only works to bring up old emotions when there is hidden associations to the memory. Once revealed the triggers don't work.

So this is how you can make the experience of gang stalking useful. They are using triggers to re traumatise
you, but you can take those triggers ;at your own pace to tell you where to look for trauma associated with. Once deprogrammed they can cough all they like . You can just smile knowing they ain't having an effect,  

The stalker don't even know why they coughing anyway. Just told to, or feel 'compelled to'.The feedback to their master will be , you liking smiley .hahaha.

Eventually you would have deprogrammed out , so no point on gang stalking you now.

Another aspect I spoke of earlier is the sleep deprivation, and how many people are having difficulty sleeping, often these are gang stalked people or another term used is targeted individuals.

Again before knowing trauma based mind control existed , I was looking for explanations with concepts I knew or could create to explain this extreme sleep disturbance. I ttackled issues from an occult angle and also considered electronic means, inventing really in my head possible ideas , although I didn't know anything in the area. Just know my phones were interfered with via some sort of devise, so maybe a devise could send signals to affect sleep.

Whilst witnessing the aspects of gang stalking I tried to create concepts of why , what were they trying to achieve. I concluded some sort of instability , isolation and maybe a feeling that one is going mad.

I could see they didn't seem to  want me to witness what the mother was experiencing , for I could then validate her reality. For a long time they only did in ways I couldn't know for certain , only use my judgement and knowledge of the mothers character and normal ways of living life. I didn't have any reason to disbelieve her. It resulted in us being together virtually 24/7 and consequently they started doing their antics to her sometimes in front of me. like sniffing or hand signals. etc.

With regards to sleep , my sleep was relatively normal, although if I stayed up late , it became hard to get into a deep sleep state. I would stay alert for hours.

I studied Brain waves ( with the little choice of books in library) and tried to discover ways of changing them.

The mother experienced extreme sleep deprivation and also the child hardly slept. And the sleep was poor quality. Not deep.
The mother could hear tapping on the wall, and child said could hear on her window, upstairs. But I didn't hear anything and I have very sensitive hearing.

Also other problems began to develop like pain , headache ; severe. Skin problems like hives.

When i got books written by Cathy O'Brien and Mark Philips I saw Cathy referred to histamine programming, and the mother had been using anti-histamine to counteract hives, these did help to relieve but sometimes required her to exceed dose. Skin itching and dry in patches. required extreme amounts of E45 cream and calamine lotion.  Burning feelings on skin resulted in patchy marks, on face and sudo cream helped heal.
Once i read book I suggested mother try deprogramming on skin itching. Once done she no longer needed creams. Skin became normal.

Because this was successful , we decided to try deprogramming any symptoms to see if memory laid behind it. invariably it did. But deprogramming has to be paced ;for the trauma that was so bad; dissociation was essential to surviival. so to re-live in a sense is very hard and can re-traumatise if not paced.

But the pay off is that each problem is resolved after deprogramming.

A lot of electrical noises were programmed in by associations made during trauma events.

The sleep deprevation is key to programming , slaves are kept awake for days on end; via nasty means; along with stavation and dehydration. it is said to be easier to program someone in this weak state and logically that makes sense.

Meanwhile I will tell you here what also helps you if suffering sleep deprivation; for deprogramming can take quite a bit of time to do; and quality sleep will aid the process.

Baths before bed are very good;cleans aura and calms body and mind. Add lavenda to water and maybe some candles to create calm environment.
Add salt to water to cleanse aura too.

Learn or use relaxation techniques like meditation, breathing exercises.

Don't stay awake very late for it becomes harder to sleep the later you leave it. So try early nights , go bed by 10-10:30 pm as often as you can, it will be easier to get to sleep before 12 midnight. You may feel a resistance to this but try to override it, everything can wait til tommorow!

There are Chinese herbs I give to crack users to calm them down. They are very good and can be used for sleep.they calm you down , create balance in the body. They are called 'Jei Wei Xaio Yao Wah'. You can buy on line or at any chinese herb shop. They are little balls that come in square bags, (yellow bags best from china but other countries make like Vietnam but green bags, still good), Also come in bottles, good but bags best. Bags have dry balls hard to swallow at first but becomes easier, bottle balls shiney coated easier to swallow. Not very expensive. Take a bag a night, or 8 balls from bottle. Use water to help swallow, only tiny balls. 

breathing techniques

Breath in slowly , exhale slowly at a steady pace. The inhave /exhale need to be same amount of time. Eg 3 seconds in 3 seconds out. The longer you can do for , the better. eg 5 seconds in 5 seconds out , is better for slowing eveything down. But any breath control is good to calm you down.


visualise white light coming into your body via your feet and slowly coming towards your head and out the top. If  you can't see white light try having a canlde to look at, then visualise. If still you can't just try visualising light in any colour.

There are tapes out their to help with relaxation , maybe try one of those.

In bed saty still, even if you don't get to sleep , just laying still will be rest to some exent; for the body and mind. Meditation can have simular restoring effects like sleep.

Remember to rest without sleep is better than no sleep. If you need to  have relaxing music playing.

Another reason for gang stalking I believe is to stop you focusing on your life. the agenda is to mess up your quality of life. if you can't sleep at night then you will be either tired in the day so not so effective or sleep all day , so not having a normal life, with sun light and other connective things to the world. So futher isolation.

I feel it is better to resist the short term solution of sleeping late in the day, by choosing to rest at night and disapline onesself to get up at a reasonable time in the  morning.

If you feel that there is occult aspects to your haressment , burn some incense : frankincense and myrrh, and clense your bedroom with .

If when you close your eyes you still see light, wear sleep mask, buy good one.

If  noise disturbs you wear ear plugs.

If you fear meditation may leave you open and vunerable in relation to the spirit realm you can ask for protection. My understanding is Angels can't help you unless you ask. Free will matter. So you can ask them for protection, say something like this :-

I call on Arc Angel Micheal and all his helpers
to come forward
and fill my body with love and light
surround me in a sheild of protection
and seal a gold cross on the top of my head
disperse all negative energy
and send love back to all those sending it.

If you feel you are dealing with occult aspect
I give you here a suggest of an affirmation you can say to help yourself.
This I recommend you say in morning and night , 3 times.
For 21 days.  Say it with meaning. words have vibration make them work for YOU.

I disconnect from all cording, binding, inprints,overlaps and possession
that does not serve my higher purpose at this time.
I disconnect now!

I reclaim all my power and abilties
from all times and all dimensions
that will serve my higher purpose at this time
I reclaim it now.

I decree in the name of God
that any of my powers and abilities
that have been copied and stolen
are returned to me now.
and that all copies be distroyed
I decree this happens now.

May you all find peace in your healing............

spell check aint working at mo , so sorry if spelt wrong,
to be continued.....

Watching DVD 'Biggie & Tupac' a vision came to me, too large for me to see objectively, so I drew it. Then explained it.
What say you?

Easter truth

Well after watching some of Tupac and Biggie the vision came of the whole structure, so large though that I couldn’t contain the thoughts in my my head to see it ; too many aspects joining it altogether was too much for my brain to see. I got a sheet of paper and decided to draw it. So I could see all aspects thus I did the drawing of each part until I couldn’t fit the vision in a picture; as I could only see it in 3D vision, but then I saw I could draw it with 3 dimensional aspects by putting further drawings coming off it.

It unfolded before my eyes, the structure so large that too much information to comprehend and see. So I am going to try to give you the picture. First and then try to explain it in words, I feel all aspects of this evil system in place can be explained and understood from the bottom to the top via this picture and written comprehension; but it is new for me so may lack somewhere and need revising.

Here goes, the overall picture is of how the world is run. The ruling elite gain control by divide and rule principles, whilst they themselves unite to conquer. We are being surrounded by images that show they rule. The pyramid is the symbol for their structure (found on a dollar bill), uniting those at the top, using tools to influence, coerce and threaten those below. They use power and the human desire for it to control every aspect of our life’s .
It is based on needs and structures are in place to control our beliefs, values and attitudes. Each having alternatives; controlled by them and this in turn is to aid the divide and rule principles. They support all opposing attitudes values and beliefs, adhering to none in truth, but appearing to all to follow one of the choices provided.
Their belief system really is based on power and control.
This structure governed by the pyramid is dominant all over the world. Intrinsically placed within and over viewing all structures that interconnect via their puppeteers and puppets.

The pyramid from the top to the bottom is controlled via family bloodlines indoctrinated into this system from birth. The use of negative energy is essential to their survival, for fear is the number one emotion used to control each member; directly or indirectly. I have indicated negative energy by using green, to enable the identification of it.

The powers that be at the top of our system, decides what information is sent to the people who ever they may be; which the puppeteers and puppets put into place; via any medium available. For the western world this is music, TV, games etc. also via education; not only in schools but research, health care, social care providers etc.
Industries fund and influence via this means. This area I will call the psychological influence and have coloured it black.

The main tools used to control the population are sex, drugs and weapons. Thus they control the making of and distribution of and also encourage the use of. Regarding sex , such a powerful energy, they use everything they can to turn the energy negative, hence child abuse , degrading women and the sexual act itself. This is the instrumental aspect and I coloured it red.

Conflict is encouraged from the top down to within the individuals, to divide every aspect of society . So that no unification can occur. We may unite on one issue but further down the road we will conflict on something. Even within a person they create divides. Which they create in a way that most people are unaware of. They create what some would term ‘trauma based mind control slaves’. through trauma they have found ways to section off parts of a person, creating with their methods (research by Nazi) , different personalities (alters) within one body. Each personality can be ‘programmed’ to behave in a certain way; whilst being totally unaware that this has happened or that they have other personalities existing within them.

These are the puppets used in our system to influence others via music ,film ,TV etc.

There are also puppeteers , who are also puppets but have sold out to this system, and therefore can be used to control the puppets; ‘program’ them. To further the aims of their superiors‘. Although saying this some puppets are puppeteers in different personalities(alters), without even knowing they are puppets or puppeteers. The reward for being a puppeteer is power.
So through the family structure these puppets and puppeteers are produced.

I believe Tupac and Biggie were puppets , set against each other, with ‘alters’ programmed to act the way they did. Friends yet enemies . Tupac seemed to have woken up , to something going on and tried to fight against it. This is handled by character assassination or assassination itself . Which is avoided as many people do wake up or smell something just isn’t right. If they were to assassinate all it would draw too much attention to the fact, so usually the persons character is assassinated first. The list is endless but in music industry examples are Lauryn Hill, Sinead O’Conner. Some conform like Kanye first sang ‘Jesus walks with him ‘ then he sung a different path.
Latoya Jackson woke up , wrote the book and is portrayed as not right! Try find her book , Gone!

Michael Jackson woke up , tried to sing about it, ‘They don’t really care about us‘ and child abuse allegation , character assassination engulfed him. He may of abuse children he may not of known he did. But considering child abuse is their number one tool to traumatise and create a slaves; yet not get caught/charged (see Hollie Greig), I suggest he was set up to be caught; to show him conform or we have the power to destroy you. That was it !

So I’ve drawn the puppets with their split selves and the influences controlling them.

Not all people have been divided in such traumatic ways but still they are influenced by the same structures and concepts to think with, and face the barriers in place; to make sure they don’t cause disruption to the system. Where they do have an effect serves to highlights to the rulers where new systems need to be added.

Some people are saying that the rulers have so much confidence regarding their systems in place that they are in a sense showing off. Consequently rubbing it in our faces via media’s like music and TV.
So people are waking up to something is going on, but is it too late?

Well, it would be if they were all that influenced the world. But I believe it isn’t. or we would have been finished long ago. No there are positive forces in the universe and beyond; which do effect humans . Yes they try to suppress our contact with that force ;surrounding us with negativity, but it still continues on in people , even those who are programmed slaves have receptiveness for positivity.

They will put out theories that they are connected to other entities or planets etc,; to install further fear and feelings of futileness. But I don’t see it like that, or as I said we would have been finished long ago. No , its an illusion of their creation. Hence my need to see 3D , to rise higher than the world to see objectively. Their system is like a computer program installed in our world. But it is not in the universe, they are just using universal laws against us. In and surrounding the world is positive energy, or at least some of the surrounding space is.
This positive energy is in all of us, for some small others larger. The positive energy in the world and universe is available to all, if they want to connect with it. Albeit negative structures are in place to try and prevent it.
I coloured this purple and yellow; for there are probably many aspect to positive energy, but I personally don’t know what they are. Only it makes logical sense for there to be. And people whom see energy in colour say purple or violet, white light or gold light. So I try to portray that.

The universe is greater than them , they portray the pyramid to be at the top but the universe is bigger than them.
So wake up people of the world, seek positive energy and see the structures for what is, and create positive change. By awareness we become a virus in their system program.


In this video I explain a lot more on programming and other things,,, ( in time i will break down the topics and label, but for now i will say it includes the structures, programming and underground base matters

               Hollywood and MKULTRA
Esoteric Kitten on TruthBrigade Radio

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